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SYD-C220 Automatic coke sample preparation device
    发布时间: 2014-09-24 16:12    

This machine is mainly used for the preparation of coke sample for coke reactivity and strength test, which can completely replace manual operation and make relevant process more rigorous and scientific. It can also be applied for the pelletizing process of materials with similar hardness of coal, while the particle size can be customized according to requirements of client. Modularization design of product provides all-in-one or detached options.

SYD-C220 Automatic coke sample preparation device


1. Comply with GB / T 4000, ISO 18894 and YB / T 4494 standards;

2. Mechanical principle of manual sample preparation;

3. No contamination or residue during the preparation of sample;

4. No damage to the representativeness of sample;

5. High yield and work efficiency;

6. Low consumable cost and high workload capacity.

Main features

1.Rigorous and scientific preparation process of sample.

2.The shaping process of coke particle is designed based on the mechanical principle of manual sample preparation, and the surface of coke is formed by intensive minimally collision. In comparison, the conventional polishing process will lead to the deviation of high temperature strength index.

3.Crushing and shaping process for sample without any pollution, realize the whole process without too much manual participation.

4.The automatic cleaning of device will get rid of all the residues of coke block and particle produced during preparation.

5.High sample quality and preparation efficiency while ensuring the original representativeness of each coke particle.

6.Simple to operate and all operations are executed through a touch screen. The working status of device is real-time displayed by a graphical interface.

7.Key components contact with sample are made of alloy steel with long span after repeated heat treatment.

8.Equipped with exclusive bag filters, which ensures the dust removal efficiency during test. The collected dust is easy to be cleaned, and dust storage capacity is large.

9.Automatic self-protection in case of sample block stuck and power failure with interface caution.

10.Small occupation of space.

The residue of coke is severe and difficult to be cleaned during conventional preparation. The prepared coke particles are irregular in shape and size, which is not representative for the real characteristics of original cokes.

SYD-C220 prototype real sample

Similar to manual prepared samples with regular shaped and homogeneous size, which will maintain the characteristics of original coke.

Dust removal characteristics

Dust removal principle: Air bag dust removal with negative pressure;

Setting features: internal cycle or discharge modes selectable;

Operation mode: intermittent automatic operation;

Power supply and consumption characteristics

Power supply voltage: AC 380V±10%, 50Hz;

Crushing part power: 3.0kW;

Shaping part power: 2.0kW;

Note: crushing and shaping can be operated at different times.

Raw material characteristics

Suitable materials: coke or coal lump, size, ≤100mm;

Feeding quantity: ≤10kg (> 10kg, customizable);

Moisture requirement: <10%;

Feeding speed: 2.5kg/min (average);

Crushing characteristics

Crushing mode: multi-group ring hammer;

Material crushing process: automatic and continuous;

Effective discharging particle size: <35mm;

Crusher material: high strength steel;

Shaping features

Shaping method: intensive minimally collision;

Product size: 24mm(customizable);

Sphere ovality: < 10%;

Relative speed during shaping: 3 ~ 5 m/s;

Screening characteristics

Crushing and screening: < 30mm;

Shaping screening: ø 23mm;

Screening method: high frequency vibration;

Control characteristics

Basic configuration: simple one-key control;

Functional modules: 7-inch touch screen;

Control system: internal centralized PLC control system;

Cue acoustics: 60-70dB

Physical characteristics

Dimensions: crushing module + shaping module: length :3200× width 600× height 1780; Weight: ≈480kg;

Ambient temperature and humidity: 0 to 50℃,0 to 90%RH non-condensing;

Storage/transportation temperature: -40℃ ~ 70℃;