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SYD-S200W Coke reaction index testing system
    发布时间: 2014-09-24 16:17    

The reaction behavior and strength of coke are usually tested under certain temperature and atmosphere and applied to evaluate its performance in blast furnace. The system includes: reaction furnace, gasification system, thermal weight loss system, automatic gas distribution system, sample loading unit, temperature control unit, software system, safety protection system, automatic sample preparation system and other functional units. The test procedures can be executed according to the current ISO standards or customized requirements to broaden the application of device.

SYD-S200W Coke reaction index testing system

This machine is modular, which provides better flexibility.

Main parameters

Operating temperature: 1750℃(Max);

Rated power: 15kW (Max);

Constant temperature power: 2kW;

Heating element: 1800 type silicon molybdenum rod, single U type, 6 pieces are evenly distributed;

Effective constant temperature area: ≥1100℃ for 5min: 180mm±5%.;

Deviation range: <±20mm

Temperature range of constant temperature zone: 1095℃ ~ 1700℃;

External hearth: high temperature ceramic fiber module;

Reaction tube: high purity corundum, ø: 110.

Functional modules

1. Gasification module system;

2. High temperature thermogravimetric module;

3. Automatic atmosphere system;

4. Coke solution module;

5. High temperature pressure module;

6. Integrated software system;

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